Matthew McConaughey revealed the secret that helps him fight baldness

Matthew McConaughey.

Photo: Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

In the mid-1990s, when his career as a leading man in romantic comedies was in full swing, Matthew McConaughey he began to lose his famous mid-length hair and made the radical decision to shave his head before the situation got worse.

A few years later his curls magically grew back and a Beverly Hills-area doctor took credit, assuring anyone who would listen that he had given the actor an expensive hair transplant, but it wasn't true. The secret to her lustrous hair is an ointment that is rubbed all over her scalp once a day for ten minutes, and even has the testimony of a specialist who certified in his day that he has never had hair grafts.

“How did my hair grow back? That is the great mystery. I was completely determined, it was clear to me: no Propecia or other pills, it was all manual work. All I can say is that it grew back. I have more hair now than in 1999, "said the actor in an interview with the portal LADBible.

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