Massive and colorful banner of fans supported the Peruvian team before the duel with Argentina for the 2026 Qualifiers

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Fans held a flag at the Peruvian team's concentration. ATV Channel

Just one day before the match between the teams of Peru and Argentina by date 4 of South American Qualifiers Heading to the 2026 World Cup in North America, the spirits of national fans are increasingly high. And it is that the 'bicolor' He needs to achieve a positive result that keeps him in the race in the qualifying process. But in the preview, the traditional flag-waving was carried out to serve as support for the players with a view to this decisive match.

Just when the entire national representation returned on the bus after training in La Videna, a large group of fans were waiting for the team at the Hyatt Centric hotel, located in the San Isidro district, so that they could motivate themselves and obtain the best possible result. before the 'albiceleste'.

In fact, the 'white-red' He carried out his practices at the San Luis sports center in the afternoon, so upon returning at around 8:00 p.m., they received a warm welcome. Between allusive songs with the drums and others musical instruments, all the Peruvian soccer players got off the transport and immediately located outside their concentration hotel. The Fireworks They also spread out in the Lima sky, turning the atmosphere into almost a party.

One of the players who is still expected to see in action is Oliver Sonnewho was born in Denmark, but because of the Peruvian blood that runs through his grandmother, allowed him to defend the 'bicolor'. And although he could not make his debut in the clash against Chile in Santiago, he hopes to be able to do so against Argentina in Lima this Tuesday, October 17.

Now, along with the rest of his teammates from the national delegation, the right back was able to witness the flag for the first time on Peruvian soil (he had already done it in the capital 'mapocha'), being surprised by the fireworks that were displayed in the sky. He was so amazed that he took the time to take out his cell phone and record this emotional moment between fans and players.

The Danish-born winger witnessed this emotional event and was surprised by the fireworks. (Video: Raúl Bazán / Infobae Perú)

Now, it was not the only place where the flag took place. Outside the Videna, at the exit of the practices of the peruvian teamanother group of national fans sang songs and, with flags, showed all their support for the cast that went to their lodging.

The national team is located in the penultimate box of the South American Qualifiers with one point, due to the draw on the visit with Paraguay and the defeats against Brazil and Chile. The style of play and the poor offensive capacity were the reasons why coach Juan Reynoso has been criticized.

On Monday, October 16, the coach Juan Reynoso He gave a press conference and expressed his opinion about the duel against those led by Lionel Scaloni. “Argentina is world champion. Not only does it have a very good team, but also individualities and we are taking the necessary precautions to neutralize and, according to our characteristics, try to surprise them,” he said.

In the same way, he highlighted the level at which the 'albiceleste', with three wins in the current qualifying process. “He is a rival who has added more things to him compared to the last two Qualifiers. He is in an excellent moment. He knows what he's playing and it doesn't just depend on Messi. They have shown that they are a team that always tries to play, they have a lot of automation, good ball circulation and they push their rivals,” he said.

He also revealed whether the fact that Lionel Messi whether he plays or not will alter his plans in assembling the starting eleven. “Details vary. Messi makes a difference and exclusively in certain areas of the field with a stab at a filtered pass or fixed tactic. The statistics say that he is the best team in the world,” he said.

Juan Reynoso has not been able to find a handle on the Peruvian team at the start of the 2026 Qualifiers. - credits: REUTERS
Juan Reynoso has not been able to find a handle on the Peruvian team at the start of the 2026 Qualifiers. - credits: REUTERS

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