Massacre reported in Ciudad Bolívar, Antioquia, southern Colombia | News

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The 10th massacre in Colombia in 2023 took place this Saturday when three people were killed in a hitman attack while they were having a conversation inside a public establishment located in the Los Guayacanes neighborhood of the municipality of Ciudad Bolívar, Antioquia.


Colombian state announces reparation to victims of repression

The Institute of Studies for Development and Peace (Indepaz) of Colombia reported that two of the victims were identified as Deison Alberto Durán and Jorge Armando Barcos.

The area where the crime was recorded has been characterized in recent months as a region disputed by irregular armed groups whose purpose is to control the local economy and develop their illicit businesses.

Colonel Daniel Mazo Cardona, commander of the Antioquia Police Department, explained that one of the people managed to be taken to a hospital, where he died due to serious injuries, and that the other two died at the scene.

For this reason, the authorities deployed an investigation team and plan to hold an extraordinary security council.

According to the testimonies collected, the four people were conversing at one of the tables in the establishment when a hooded man arrived and shot them without saying a word.

When reporting massacre number nine in Colombia during the course of this year, Indepaz indicated that the act of blood occurred in a pool-cooking hall, located in the village of El Recreo, Santa Rosa township, in the municipality of San Carlos.

According to the Cordoberxia Foundation, an organization that defends human rights in Córdoba, the victims were identified as Kevin José Aguilar, popularly known as El Chino and Alfonso Aguilar.

Both died at the scene, while Eder Plaza Argumedo died while being treated at the San Diego hospital in the municipality of Cereté.

The mayoress of San Carlos, Leda López, issued a statement rejecting the triple homicide while asking the authorities to clarify it.

In another list of violent events in Colombia, a massacre was reported in the last few hours, when three men who were leaving a house were murdered in cold blood by armed men.

Massacre number eight in 2023, according to Indepaz, took place on the night of Thursday, January 26, in the township of San Roque located in the municipality of Banco, Magdalena.

The fatal victims were identified as William Hernández, Adrián Hernández and Juan Rincón, the first two were father and son, armed subjects would have arrived and without saying a word opened fire on them, preliminary information indicated.

For his part, the commander of the Police District in Magdalena, Jhon Jairo Rojas, pointed out that there is still no certainty of the perpetrators of the crime and called on the community to provide information to clarify these facts.

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