Massacre in the Colombian department of Chocó leaves three dead | News


A shooting in the San Vicente de Quibdó neighborhood, capital of the department of Chocó, in northwestern Colombia, left at least three people murdered, local media reported, in what would be the 32nd massacre that has occurred in the South American country in what goes of the year


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Preliminary data indicates that some armed men arrived shooting at a group of people who were talking in a sector of the neighborhood.

According to local media, two police patrols arrived at the site where they took the victims, including a minor, to a hospital.

The former Minister of the Environment and Sergio Fajardo’s vice-presidential formula, Luis Guillermo Murillo, denounced the massacre that frightens the inhabitants of the capital of Chocó.

“Unfortunately, a new massacre is reported in Quibdó in the San Vicente neighborhood where 3 people lost their lives, including a minor. The security situation is overwhelmed in the Pacific before the null look of the National Government. This cannot be allowed, ”the former governor of Chocó also said on his Twitter account.

For her part, the former Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation, Mabel Torres, expressed her discontent with the violent act and said that with the three people murdered tonight, Quibdó computes 68 homicides so far this year.

“Quibdó reaches murder number 68. A few minutes ago in the middle of a shootout three dead and among them a 4-year-old girl (…) There is no way not to feel pain and deep sadness,” he wrote on Twitter.

A few days ago, the residents of Quibdó denounced the circulation of pamphlets intimidating citizens for alleged retaliation against those who held meetings with illegal groups known as the Mexicans and the Zetas.

According to the Observatory of Human Rights and Conflicts of the Institute of Studies for Development and Peace (Indepaz), before this event there had been 31 massacres and 105 people murdered in Colombia so far this year, according to the comparative report of the first quarter of 2021 and 2022. In addition, Chocó has registered four murders of social leaders.

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