Massa and Milei close the campaign, and all of Argentina is now looking to Sunday's elections

Massa and Milei close the campaign, and all of Argentina
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The polls do not predict a clear winner, so the result of this second round of the presidential elections is unknown.

The Minister of Economy of Argentina, Sergio Massa, and the far-right deputy Javier Milei put an end to their campaigns this Thursday with a view to the second presidential round next Sunday, an open-ended election whose outcome has the South American country in suspense.

Milei, leader of the far-right party La Libertad Avanza, chose the central province of Córdoba, the second largest electoral district in the country, to close his campaign with a massive event, with a euphoric tone and a certain triumphalist air.

"It is important that this Sunday we stand up, turn history around and begin the path of Argentine reconstruction," said Milei, who to finish his act assured: "The votes are there and we are going to beat them. Long live freedom, damn it!".

Massa, for his part, opted for various meetings this Thursday, in closed environments and with well-defined audiences: he presented his proposal at a meeting organized by the country's main business entities and met with students from a public secondary school in Buenos Aires.

"Rest assured that, if I have the responsibility of governing Argentina, I will leave my soul and all my strength so that we can build that country that today is a utopia but that we can make it a reality," Massa assured the students.

Behind the first round on October 22, in which Massa surprised with a first place (36.78%) and Milei - the big winner of the August primaries - was relegated to second place (29.99%), the campaign has been adding tension policy.

The former president's decision Mauricio Macri (2015-2019) and Patricia Bullrichthird in the October election and present at the closing ceremony of Milei this Thursday, giving its support to the far-right opened water in the center-right coalition Together for Change, where several leaders declared themselves neutral and others, without giving support explicit to Massa, they refused to support Milei.

Massa, meanwhile, has promised to form a unity government and incorporate opponents, and has managed to gain the support of some dissident Peronists along the way.

However, Sunday's result is unknown. There is a large percentage of undecided and of the nine surveys published in recent weeks, five give an advantage to Milei and four, to Massa, but with differences between both that in most cases fall within the margin of error of any poll.

This Friday morning the reflection period will begin. The cards are cast and whoever wins next Sunday by a simple majority will lead Argentina from the December 10 and for a period of four years.

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