Mass shooting causes six dead and four injured in South Africa | News

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Police in the province of Eastern Cape, southeast of South Africa, are investigating a mass shooting that took place on Tuesday night, which left six dead and four injured.


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According to witness statements, around 7:40 p.m. local time, three men entered the patio of a house on Mdledle Street, Kwanobuhle municipality, near the city of Kariega, and opened fire on those who were congregating inside the property and in its vicinity.

According to the Police, among the deceased there are five men and one woman, while there is another woman among the injured, who were taken to hospitals. It was specified that both women were shot at the gate of the property.

The reasons for the attack are not clear, said the police spokeswoman, Colonel Priscilla Naidu, who called on the community to help the agents in the search for the shooters and detailed that the tests are advancing to establish the identity of those who lost their lives .

A neighbor told the local Daily Sun media that the house that was the scene of the shooting "is a known drug den and we have always seen people going in and out of there. What happened does not surprise us, because we knew something like this would happen one day." , said the resident, who added that the agents do not do enough to protect them.

The Police began a search operation for the attackers throughout the province, although no suspect has been arrested so far.

The Eastern Cape Police Commissioner, Lieutenant General Nomthetheleli Mene, instructed detectives from the Organized Crime Investigation Unit to hunt down those responsible for this incident.

According to press reports based on police sources, South Africa has one of the highest murder rates in the world and at least 2,629 people were killed with firearms in the first three months of this year. This is equivalent to a rate of 30 people per day. Kidnappings for ransom and targeted killings of celebrities have also increased.

In this same province, last January, eight people were shot to death during a birthday party and another ten, including a minor, lost their lives in another mass shooting in April of this year. Last June, unknown gunmen broke into a men's shelter and killed eight others.

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