Martí launches against Omar 2023/10/10

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  • Many interpret it as a green light for rebellion against major corcholata.

That Marti Batres and his band have their hands and feet involved in Morena's process in favor of Clara Marina Brugadaeveryone knows it, but the fact that even his wife is working with people from the show to help him out, exceeds expectations.

Last week, in a house in the Lomas-Polanco area, there was a meeting organized by Daniela Cordero with acquaintances influencers -as Edysmolhe Fashion Guru— to see how they could help from the networks to Clarita.

The host of the meeting was the businesswoman Delia Gonzalez, who has sympathy for the mayor of Iztapalapa; It is not the first time that she has promoted it with her colleagues from the business chambers.

Coincidentally yesterday Maxine Woodsidehost of a radio entertainment program, commented out of nowhere on an interview that Millennium did to Batresand said she was pleasantly surprised at how good a politician he is.

He also pimped Daniela Corderowho he said is very pretty and that her name is after his niece, his sister's daughter and Joaquin Cordero. In that program they don't talk about politics, but rather about entertainment gossip; Yesterday they made an exception.

It is not the first time that the wife of Batreswho works in an office next to the Head of Government, and the people of Morena identify her as an activist in favor of Brugada and against Omar Hamid García Harfuch.

In addition to this, there is the video that the President's eldest son uploaded to his networks, saying that his family had woken up on Sunday wanting to see dinosaurs, and he took them to one of the calls Utopias in Iztapalapa, where they were surprised by how beautiful they are.

He dedicated a message to clear and recognized his work for the benefit of the community in that area; Each group interpreted the event as they wanted.

This coincided with the INE's order to force parties to nominate women in five of the nine entities that will be in dispute in 2024, which of course includes the Head of Government of Mexico City.

Of course, it is the power of the electoral body to ensure the electoral rights of citizens, but what a point to bring up the issue just when the 4T is discussing whether in CDMX it is with a man or a woman.

When what there is is a tremendous revolt in Morena by the Head of Government, where they are shooting to kill. On the one hand there are those who want Garcia Harfuchproposal of Claudia Sheinbaum; on the other, the band of the cigars that drives Brugada.

At first everyone thought that the good guy was Omar Hamidsince supposedly the new owner of the baton would take the lead, and that Clarita It was just a tantrum to make the negotiation more expensive; not anymore.

That's why Claudia wanted to Rosa Icela Rodríguezand not Marti, will replace her in the capital's government; she feared the betrayal that finally occurred.

But in politics there are no coincidences, and since the National Palace lets the spears shine, many interpret it as a green light for rebellion against the major cork.


Yesterday the CDMX Congress received the request for a license Francisco Chiguil as mayor of GAM, to go coordinate the campaign clear; At the same time, it was announced that Arnulfo CraviotoClose to Martiwill be the spokesperson for Brugada. What seemed like an alliance will be another fight to the death, because Cravioto seeks to succeed Chiguil, who wants to inherit the position from his wife. Even the mayor has told his people that the boy from Batres.

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