Marta, cousin of Alejandra Guzmán, is shown without hair for the first time and talks about her hard fight against breast cancer


The Guzmán family continues to be involved in serious problems, since they not only have personal conflicts between them, but also health problems, such as This is the case of Alejandra Guzmán’s cousin, the presenter Marta Guzmán, who in early January 2022 reported that she had been facing a tough battle against breast cancer for a couple of months.

In December a tumor was removed and he also announced that he would undergo chemotherapy to prevent this disease from reappearing. Now he opened his heart and showed the aftermath of the chemo on his hair.

just a few weeks ago The 48-year-old entertainment presenter said that she was not tormented by the idea of ​​losing one of her breasts in its entirety in case that was requiredbut fortunately it was not necessary.

This treatment is very expensive, but his insurance covered the expenses so it did not have a significant impact on his finances. The former collaborator of Matutino Express mentioned that once the chemotherapies are over, she will also undergo radiation and hormonal therapies, to finish recovering.

Guzmán shared a long and moving message on his networks, where He mentioned that he had not shared any photos of how the chemotherapies affected his hair.not out of pity, but because he had to assimilate the process.

“I said goodbye to my hair since last February 15, since seeing how it fell little by little, I do not deny it, made me feel sad. I decided to shave when my hair started to fall out, my children asked me to be the ones who would pass me the electric razor, they wanted to know what it felt like and so we did it, as a team. My doctor told me about 2 options, trying to preserve my hair with a device that cools your scalp but that did not guarantee that a large part of it would not fall out or have me make an oncological wig, I did not know what to do and about wigs I only knew the ones in costumes”MARTA GUZMAN

He specified that when the fall began, “In 3 days I was practically bald so it was hair and a wig. This is how I look without my wig, I’ve gotten used to it and it reminds me that I’m going through a healing process and every symptom, skin sores, bruised nails, sensitive white tongue, watery eyes, tiredness, hot flashes, dizziness and all the ailments you may feel, are passing so that breast cancer never returns “referred in his message in which he tried to emphasize that early detection of cancer is very important.

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