Marketplaces, ready for the Good End; they trust technology

Marketplaces, ready for the Good End; they trust technology
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It started on Good End 2023 and more and more people are taking advantage of promotions and discounts by buying online, which is why the main country marketplaces They have prepared their systems and operations to cope with high demand and offer a good experience.

We have to be prepared for purchasing events that at Amazon we call peak, because it is not the normal behavior that the consumer has,” explained Amazon's senior manager of Software Development in Latin America, Felipe Pedrini.

In conference, he explained that the marketplace has a team that implements tools designed for the Mexican consumerFor example, this year it launched scheduled delivery so that the user can choose when they want to receive their product.

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For events such as Buen Fin 2023, Pedrini detailed that amazon has its own tools capable of predicting which categories and products will be the most in demand during the event to help vendors have the necessary inventory.

*William Giotto and Felipe Pedrinni, from Amazon for Latin America.

Additionally, the technology company carries out stress tests to verify that the systems are capable of coping with the growing traffic of visits and transactions that can change depending on the time. Proof of this is that Mexicans during Buen Fin tend to do more online shopping during the afternoon/night.

William Giotto, Data Science and Machine Learning Leader at Amazon in Latin AmericaHe added that the technology company also has tools that allow it to support logistics when choosing the best routes or to make the list more efficient.

The experts added that amazon It is also responsible for negotiating with sellers so that they offer the best discounts during this type of campaign, an example is Colgatewhich has about 170 items with promotion in this Good End 2023.


The Consumers in Mexico choose to buy online Due to the convenience and immediacywhich means they expect packages to arrive on record dates.

Jose Milladirector of logistics and transportation Free marketconsidered that the country represents a challenge to achieve the above due to its territorial extension and geographical diversity.

He marketplace anticipates that the Good end This year's package will represent one of the biggest challenges for its supply chain, as it offers options such as delivering packages in 24 hours in 24 different cities and in 48 hours or less in the rest of the country.

Fortunately, it recently strengthened its logistics arm with the opening of two Distribution centers located in Mérida, Yucatán, and in León, Guanajuato. In addition, since 2020, it has an air fleet operated from Querétaro and the implementation of artificial intelligence to optimize shipments with the best recommendation of routes and vehicles.

The ability to make more flexible shipments in the shortest possible time and to the greatest number of places is what makes us different, it is the pillar for which millions of people choose us,” Milla highlighted.

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