Mark Kelly criticizes his own party over the Arizona border

Mark Kelly criticizes his own party over the Arizona border crisis

The senator from Arizona asks that they resolve the situation at the border.

Photo: Stefani Reynolds/Getty Images

Arizona Democratic Senator Mark Kelly who was re-elected in the midterm elections criticized his own party for its ineptitude in responding to the migration crisis that lives on the southern border and that affects the state so much.

The Democrat was blunt with his response during an interview when asked if he thought his party was doing a good job on border issues.

“Absolutely not. Not even close,” Kelly told The Washington Post. “When I first came to Washington, it didn’t take me long to realize that there are several democrats who do not understand our southern border and a lot of Republicans who just want to talk about it,” he added.

Since President Joe Biden took office nearly two years ago, four million people have been registered as having crossed into the United States without papersHe also argued that illegal drugs have also given way.

According to a Customs and Border Protection report reported in October more than 230,000 border encounters, while another 64,000 migrants crossed the border without being arrested, information provided by Fox News.

Faced with this situation, Senator Kelly said he was optimistic that the two parties could come together to secure the border and pass immigration reform. But he reiterated that his party “doesn’t really understand” the problems at the border.

“But I’ll tell you something, I think that we are enough of us who understand and We want to achieve something.” mentioned to the same newspaper.

It is important to mention that the Republican leader revealed from the southern border in Texas that when they take control of the House of Representatives they will initiate an investigation against the Biden-Harris administration and the management of the border with Mexico.

Mark Kelly also added that he has consistently listened to voters about their border concerns while campaigning across the state. “You can’t ignore that in Arizona. Sometimes it’s been chaos there for decades.”

The Democratic senator was re-elected to the position after defeating Republican Blake Masters in the November election with a 51.4% of the votes against 46.5% of the Republican.

It should be noted that the newly elected Governor Katie Hobbsalso called for more action by Democrats to address crime on an unsecured border.

It’s one of the top things on my schedule to talk to the president. in terms of providing real security to our state and the border,” he said.

“I have said this [antes]I don’t think they are doing enough. I would love for you to visit me and see first hand the kind of support and relief that the people of this community need from the federal government,” Hobbs told CNN.