Maripily Rivera raises the temperature by posing topless and leather lingerie with chains

Maripily Rivera, Puerto Rican model, presenter and businesswoman.

Photo: Alfredo Rolon. / Grosby Group

The Puerto Rican Maripily Rivera is stealing sighs and raising the temperature of his followers on Instagram where he published a photograph where he poses with a daring and tiny leather lingerie with chains, that leaves nothing to the imagination.

And it is that the actress also had no qualms about posing and showing off her pronounced curves and huge breasts, which is setting fire to social networks, since the Puerto Rican leaves very little to the imagination.

He shared on his Instagram account, where he has 1.5 million followersa couple of photos where she appears sitting on a black trunk, wearing her black leather lingerie and chain, which really leaves little to the imagination.

Maripily leaves little to the imagination

Her daring outfit is made up of a bra that doesn't really cover her breasts, but only chains around her breasts and is held in place by black leather straps.

Her nipples are covered with a quote that forms an X. It shows off a flattened and marked abdomensince Maripily is very disciplined with her exercise routines to show off her curvaceous body, also highlighting her shapely legs.

boots and mask

The outfit is complemented by as long boots with black heels and a leather mask and chains.

Maripily loves to pose sexy and daring at all times, and claims to feel proud of herself, despite everything.

"That's how I am! Proud to be who I am, I fall, I get up, I'm wrong, I learn, they hurt me and I'm still alive, I'm not perfect, but I love myself just the way I am!"specifies Maripily's message.

In another photo that she shared, she appears in the same black latex lingerie, but she is reclining on an armchair, where her daring thong can be seen, which is attached in the central part with chains.

His followers did not take long to send flattering messages to the Puerto Rican.

Messages from his followers

"How beautiful, beautiful mommy, as always a lioness, very sexy"are some messages that the actress received.

"My beautiful lady is your freedom and you do what you want, do not listen or read the opinions of envious people, you make my ❤️ accelerate to 1000 km/h," said another of his followers on the social network.

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