Mario Delgado's operation closes Ebrard

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By Ruben Cortés

Mario Delgado's operation has already reduced the group of deputies who supported Marcelo Ebrard to almost nothing, since nearly 40 federal and local legislators from the former chancellor's close circle have already joined Claudia Sheinbaum's campaign.

The president of Morena, who was Secretary of Education and bishop of the CDMX candidacy, when Ebrard was Head of Government, chokes Ebrard more and more every day, in which he found a meticulous squire: the Chiapas deputy Miguel Prado.

The wedge of the stick that squeezes Ebrard brings, in this case, a notable political role, because Ebrard did not see it coming, even though it is two sides: Mario Delgado in the party and the Chiapas wing, since Prado is also close to Manuel Velazco.

The blow to Ebrard's waterline is definitive. The representative of Ebrard's campaign, Senator Malú Mícher, had only to complain: "Marcelo is incapable of putting anyone against the wall, like they did to those who abandon him."

The message of the operation from Mario Delgado and Miguel Prado to Ebrard is in the purest style of the hard left: within Morena, everything; outside of Morena, nothing. Yes, because they show him that every day his group of followers is shrinking more.

And what would await Ebrard in the opposition, if this has happened to Morena, where he took 300 followers to represent him in 300 electoral districts. He had a structure within the party, and, within weeks, Delgado and Prado demolished it.

In other words, his history of compromises in politics haunts Ebrard, no matter how much, to the stands, it seems that he is still breathing. The truth is that they have him by the neck and, in the end, he will have to do the same thing as always: stay.

He himself admits it, when he says he is the only one who has accepted an adverse result in a survey for the presidential candidacy, in favor of the current president in 2011. The survey was carried out by NODO and Covarrubias among 5,995 people.

In 2000, Ebrard also declined in favor of the current president, his candidacy for head of Government for the Democratic Center Party. And, today like yesterday, he will end up giving in: this time to Claudia Sheinbaum. It is the path that Mario Delgado shows him.

In fact, Malú Michel insists: “Marcelo is still in Morena, he has not left the game and what his team has told him is that they will not leave Morena.” In other words: Don't get balled, Ebrard is not leaving.

The creator is Mario Delgado, with Miguel Prado.

And the operation reaches Chiapas, eh.

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