Mario Delgado: "The PAN members are already doubting the PRI members and vice versa"

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Mexico.- The national president of Morena, Mario Delgado, assured that on the opposition front they are already beginning to fight, because in the two stages that remain to choose his candidate —a survey and a consultation— the PAN and the PRI can be tied .

“The PAN members are already doubting the PRI members and vice versa. They are already there with a lawsuit because they think that the PAN (aspirant) can win the consultation, but the PRI members are going to steal the poll. (…) They are already afraid that one is going to steal from the other, ”she pointed out.

In the credentialing assemblies of the Defenders of Transformation in the Ejército de Oriente Zona Peñón and Xalpa III colonies of the Iztapalapa mayor's office, together with the local leader Sebastián Ramírez, the Morenista leader affirmed that the fragility of the opposition alliance is explained because only the desire to continue stealing from Mexico unites her.

“In these days we are going to see the lawsuit between those who are only united by the desire to continue stealing from Mexico. When a pact is made based on interests, these alliances are very fragile and they do not deceive anyone, ”he stressed.

The national leader pointed out that the PRI members and the PAN members joined only because they want to stop the Transformation movement, but they have no proposal for the country. “The PRI members and the PAN members forgot their history. His ambition to return to continue stealing was greater. They have no country proposal, they just want to stop our movement. That's why people don't want them anymore."

In this sense, he pointed out that it does not matter who wins or wins the process of the opposition front, they all represent the same thing. “We don't care who comes out of that front, they are all the same and represent corruption; they represent the past of privileges; They represent the worst thing our country has ever had.”

In contrast, Delgado remarked that, in five years, the López Obrador government has had many economic and social achievements, for which reason "it is demonstrating that corrupt politicians were the ones who did not let our country flourish, that our country grow."

Therefore, he stressed that the credentialing process of one million Defenders of the Fourth Transformation in Mexico City is a recognition of the people who will make it possible for the legacy of President López Obrador to transcend the following generations.

In particular, he expressed that Iztapalapa “has to confirm the role that it has played in history with Andrés Manuel López Obrador. Iztapalapa brought Andrés Manuel forward in 2000 so that he could start his career until he reached the Presidency. Once again the movement needs Iztapalapa”.

Accompanied by councilors, local and federal deputies, and members of the national and local leadership of Morena, Mario Delgado stressed the importance of unity in the movement, since this is its great strength. “I want us to come together first and foremost; that there is no one who can divide us; that we continue to support this great project, because when Morena joins, it is not impossible: she can achieve everything. Five years ago we did not govern a single state. Today we are 23”.

With information from MORENA

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