Maribel Guardia tests positive for Covid and reveals: “It hit us all in the house”

Maribel Guardia joined the list of celebrities who have tested positive for COVID-19 in recent days, fortunately, both she and her entire family are well and only had mild symptoms, This was confirmed by the actress through her social networks.

This Monday, January 17, the television star shared some details of his Coronavirus infection, highlighting that he is fine, since he only had a little cough and cold feet.

I got Covid last week and I started with very cold feet, the next day the same, the third I already I started to feel sick and my throat hurt a little“He explained in a video posted on his official Instagram account.

After noticing the first symptoms, she decided to take a test in which it came out positive, so she immediately notified the producers of the soap opera and the play in which she is, from whom she received their absolute support.

In the recording of just under two minutes, the beautiful Costa Rican shared that He had no headaches, no temperature, so he has only taken paracetamol; while the sore throat decreased “by gargling with mouthwash”.

Maribel Guardia was not the only one who was infected, since practically all the inhabitants of her house tested positive, with the exception of two people: her husband and son.

Here he gave us all in the house, only the men, not my husband Marco or my son Julián, but my grandson yes, it lasted two days a little cough and there he is running playing so happy with the puppies”, he mentioned.

The 62-year-old singer confirmed that she is on her way out, so she hopes to rejoin the recordings of ‘Corona de Lágrimas 2’, while next weekend she will return to the play ‘El Tenorio Cómica’, where she was temporarily replaced by comedian Liliana Arriaga “The Chupitos”” in the role of Doña Inés.

Finally, he asked his followers to continue taking care of themselves and not go out on the street if they have flu symptoms, since it is surely covid and they could infect people who for them could be serious if they are not vaccinated.

Take care of yourselves please, I have three vaccines and that has helped me a lot because the symptoms have been mild“, he added.

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