Mariana Rodríguez's candidacy falters

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Ruben Cortes.

The participation of Movimiento Ciudadano in the embezzlement of 15 billion in Segalmex, affects the candidacy of Mariana Rodríguez for the Senate, since part of that money would pay for her campaign, promoted by the daughter of the mastermind of the Milk Scam.

Pilar Lozano, the friend, introduced Mariana's husband, the governor of Nuevo León, to Dante Delgado, owner of MC. Pilar is the daughter of Carlos Lozano, former Marketing Director of Segalmex, imprisoned for the 1.7 billion phantom sale of milk scam.

The scandal uncovered by Reforma indicates that businessman Alejandro Puente, Dante Delgado's economic operator, paid bribes of 6.7 million pesos in Segalmex for milk processing contracts for a name company.

Those streams of wool would have paid for Samuel García's campaign in 2021 for governor for MC, and would pay for his wife's for the Senate in 2024, and even splashed Marcelo Ebrard, since he could not announce his presidential candidacy for MC.

Ebrard was forced yesterday to draw the line with MC and his friend Dante Delgado: what would be his announcement of being the orange candidate, remained in the creation of a Lilliputian thing, to avoid associating politically with the authors of the great looting.

Another candidacy in the air is that of Mariana Rodríguez: her supporter, Pilar Lozano, is also in flames as the current representative in CDMX of the government of Nuevo León. Being the daughter of the mastermind of the scam disqualifies her politically.

Pilar Lozano is not annulled by kinship in itself, but because her father improperly managed 1.7 billion pesos that are linked to the party for which she was a deputy, and whose government in Nuevo León she represents in the country's capital. So.

The links of the money swindled in Segalmex with MC, its owner and several members, are documented by the FGR”, through Ricardo José Lambretón López Ostolaza, confessed criminal and protected witness, who has sensitive information about the case.

It is a “devil brand” pig, stained with MC's orange color: the party's operational secretary, Alejandra Puente, is the daughter of Alejandro Puente Córdoba, the businessman who anointed officials to obtain contracts for the benefit of MC.

The paradox of the case is that Dante Delgado, who says he does not want to ally himself with the PRI and the PAN due to the corruption stories of both parties, turns out to be linked to the largest embezzlement in the recent history of public money in Mexico.

And they are all muddy: Dante Delgado, Samuel García, his wife Mariana Rodríguez, Pilar Lozano.

Because when you hear someone make a cigar, watch your wallet and...

Start running.

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