María José confesses that Jaime Camil “threw the wave” at her and she told him no


The singer María José is close to turning 20 married to Mauricio García. However, due to her extensive career since she was young, the famous one has not been shy about telling what her suitors were during this time, just as she did in the last chapter of the “Netas Divinas” program.

When asked if At some point in his youth, some famous person ‘threw him the wave’ in his youth, María José confessed to the hosts of the showNatalia Téllez, Paola Rojas, Galilea Montijo and Daniela Magún, that Jaime Camil did.

“There was a famous person who threw me the wave and I told him no, and then I regretted it… Jaime Camil”confessed the interpreter, detailing that she told him no, well “I was dating someone. The truth is that even if the character arrives, when you are in love, she does not enter ”.

“Later, when you finish with those people, you say ‘Ahhh’”, added María José. She specified that this happened “centuries ago” and that after that, she became a good friend of the actor: “Then I invited him to my wedding, I mean, we got along well.”

To end this moment of María José’s visit to “Netas Divinas”, Daniela Magún expressed that the chemistry between the singer and Camil was evident: “100 percent yes, they talked and it was like ‘Puum’”.

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