María José Alcalá commemorates the 55th anniversary of JO de México 68

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The representative of the LXV Legislature and first president of the Mexican Olympic Committee, María José Alcalá participated in the solemn session that the Honorable Chamber of Deputies dedicated to the 55th anniversary of the celebration of the 68th Mexico Olympic Games in the country's capital.

Nobody doubts that sport translates into well-being, social cohesion, health and quality of life. But Olympic sport, competitive sport, provides an additional incentive,” Mary José emphasized during her speech.

He also took the opportunity to recognize the centenary of the Olympic movement in the country and its scope in the importance of promoting sport as a tool for social inclusion.

In these 100 years of Olympicism in Mexico and five decades of having hosted the Olympic Games, it is important to remember that in sport there is only one team, which is Mexico, that team that unites all sports disciplines and their modalities, which welcomes Paralympic sport with love and admiration and respects the various developments of high performance,” he stressed.

The session was accompanied by the presence of the medalists from the Mexico 68 Games and various Olympic athletes.

At the solemn ceremony, former swimmer and first Mexican Olympic medalist, María Teresa Ramírez, spoke on behalf of her teammates, where she spoke about the challenges she faced in sport and stated that working on the well-being of athletes is everyone's business, " Ladies and gentlemen, Deputies, medalists and Olympic athletes, let us continue to promote and support sport, each of us from our trenches so that children, youth and all Mexicans who wish to always have the opportunity to live the great and wonderful experience of practicing sport and build your own Olympic dream.”

The session concluded in an atmosphere of applause, photos and smiles for the former athletes present, including the exclavadista María José Alcalá.

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