María José admits that she has been unfaithful "a thousand times", but she was always loyal

María José admits that she has been unfaithful "a thousand
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Maria Jose She is one of the most successful Mexican singers, as she was part of Kabbah at the age of 16 and later, his career as a soloist stood out making successes as "I prefer to be your lover".

This is how this Thursday a video went viral in which you can see how the singer admits to having been unfaithfulbut not just once, which he was not afraid to reveal in interview like the presenter Annette Cuburu on her YouTube program "Anetteando", who asked him if he had ever been unfaithful.

"Oh, sure! a thousand times. I mean, I always had a very sweet tooth. I was unfaithful, but I was always loyal. At the time I felt that this infidelity was already beginning to affect my emotions, I said 'bye, don't act stupid anymore'”

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However, the interpreter of "I am not a Mrs"He clarified that there came a time when he had to stop, because it was when I was starting to have other kinds of feelings towards that person.

"He almost always gave, apart from the treasure, his heart."

Regarding the latter, the presenter said "above you gave them the whole package" which caused laughter between the two. Then the singer clarified that this changed over time and took the opportunity to mention her husband, the photographer Mauricio Garcia.

I've been there for 20 years, I'm going to renew my vows (...) 20 years now, I told him 'look if you want, I'm getting divorced the next day, but you won't cancel that party for me'"

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María José's sincerity divides comments

Although there were many people who liked the transparency and sincerity of the "Adelante Corazón" singer, there were a few more that They criticized his revelations about having committed adultery and attacked the singer with comments like: "Ashhh bad example for your daughter ...ridiculous old lady", "You can't be unfaithful and loyal at the same time it is contradictory I know it's not the same but they go hand in hand and it's about values ​​and principles" and "I don't like his personality with how good a singer she is, and not because of what she mentions, in general the interview."

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And it was the part of to be unfaithfulbut at the same time loyal which caused noise to Internet users, because they did not understand what La Josa was referring to with that dimensionalthough it was she herself who did emphasis that with the passage of time people change and that It's already part of your past.


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