Marco Fabián is jobless again and recovers his account to send greetings in exchange for money

Marco Fabian He is one of the Mexican soccer players with the longest track record in European soccer and in Liga MX. But the last years in the career of the "Amphibian" have not been so fruitful. The Aztec did not have a successful passage through Mazatlán and, given the club's decision to leave its file, Marcó Fabian returns to the digital world to generate income.

The former player of the Bravos de Juárez received a new opportunity in the MX League through Mazatlán. The Mexican soccer player put aside his monetary interests to stay active in the first division of Aztec football.

However, the results were never successful within the young Mexican team. Mazatlán finished in the last position of the Clausura 2023 after getting only 7 points in 17 days. The club's board of directors was looking for responsible and in a deep cleaning, Marco Fabián left the club.

Marco Fabián and the digital world to generate income

The veteran Mexican soccer player played 30 games with Mazatlán in which he could only contribute 2 goals and 4 assists. These numbers made the "Anfibio" leave the team and return to the platform, a web portal where generate income in exchange for personalized greetings.

The Olympic medalist in London 2012 offers his services through this platform. In exchange for 6,000 Mexican pesos ($341 dollars), Marcó Fabián sends greetings to his followers. It is still a good opportunity for his followers. The former Chivas de Guadalajara player is a footballer who has played two World Cups, played in European football and was even crowned champion of the DFB Pokal with Frankfurt.

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