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Thousands of people demonstrated this Saturday in the main streets of Tunis against the deterioration of economic conditions and the government of President Kais Saied.


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The massive protest was called by the Tunis General Union of Workers (UGTT) union, which has denounced several arrests of prominent Saied opponents.

Before the protest, UGTT General Secretary Noureddine Taboubi gave a speech to the crowd. “The workers are united and we have chosen the path of struggle; fighting is not cheap,” he commented.

“We will not accept the suppression of freedoms in the country and there will be no tyranny in Tunisia. We salute the politicians imprisoned in the Mornaguia prison".

“We reject the intimidation and night raids on the homes of politicians and the intimidation of their families. The era of injustice, persecution and tyranny is over,” she added.

The demonstration comes amid a deep political crisis that has aggravated the country's economic conditions since 2021 when Tunisian President Kais Saied dissolved parliament and assumed executive power.

"The UGTT will denounce any act of violence and will be on the front line if there is any plot to assassinate the Tunisian president," Taboubi said. "We want peaceful change through democratic mechanisms," he added.

The opposition, mostly united around the National Salvation Front, which includes the Ennahda Islamist party - which had a majority in the suspended Parliament in July 2021 - has denounced the president's authoritarian drift.

Last month, thousands of Tunisians demonstrated in the Tunis capital against President Saeid, whom they accuse of being responsible for the country's severe economic crisis, marked by recurring shortages of basic goods and high inflation.

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