March for democracy LIVE: protest reaches the Judiciary between incident with Police

March for democracy LIVE: protest reaches the Judiciary between incident
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Evaluation of former minister Gloria Montenegro

"A breakthrough. Peaceful, diverse march, called in less than a week. Citizens united to defend democracy, fight against impunity, corruption and demand justice. More than 50 Peruvians murdered,” noted the former head of the Ministry of Women.

Feminist organizations, unions and artists' groups, among others, marched towards the Palace of Justice, but congressmen from different political parties also joined the protest.

“We must unite to prevent authoritarianism from being installed, justice from being controlled and rights from being taken away from us,” said Congresswoman Flor Pablo (Purple Party) at the protest. And fellow parliamentarian Ruth Luque indicated that “citizens are mobilizing against the takeover of institutions and defense of democracy. “It is important to consolidate a broad democratic platform.”

The executive secretary of the National Human Rights Coordinator (CNDDHH), Jennie Dador, explained that this protest responds to a call promoted by the Platform for Democracy.

“This week a group of 60 organizations decided to join together (...) to fight for democracy, against impunity and corruption, and it is precisely due to the last measure that Congress intends to take, which is to capture the National Board of Justice by dismissing its seven members,” he indicated.

Public Eye reported that, when the mobilization reached the Judicial Branch, police officers tried to take the main flag of the march from a group of protesters.

Mobilization in the Judiciary

Flor Pablo: “Democracy is at stake”

Source: @FlorPabloMedina/X

The ex-president Francisco Sagasti (2020-2021) expressed this Saturday his concern about the situation of democracy in the country after the decision of Congress to initiate an investigation to remove the members of the National Board of Justice (JNJ) from office.

“We have democracy in danger and, on the one hand, a kind of chaotic authoritarianism (…) on the part of Congress and a rather weak, lacking firmness and complacent attitude on the part of the Executive that does not provide a counterweight to these Congressional initiatives that threaten order.” democratic and citizen tranquility,” he said on RPP.

Last week, Congress approved starting a summary investigation against the members of the National Board of Justice (JNJ), with the intention of deciding whether to recommend that the seven jurists be dismissed.

A fact that has caused statements in defense of the independence of powers by the United Nations system of Peru, the Episcopal Conference and members of the Government of President Dina Boluarte.

The former president of Peru, Francisco Sagasti, in an archive photograph. EFE/Aldair Mejia

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