Marcelo, the firefighter who felt presidential

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Hector Moctezuma de Le贸n.

During the five years that Marcelo Ebrard was in charge of the Foreign Ministry, he was a true fire extinguisher, whether it was diplomatic issues or any other type, even police issues such as the case of the LeBar贸n massacre, in Bavispe, Sonora.

Andr茅s Manuel L贸pez Obrador squeezed him out like all politicians do, with his subordinates who really serve them, not only in Mexico, but in the world, and Marcelo was one of those who served him, among so many good-for-nothings and corrupt at the same time. .

When L贸pez Obrador came out with his outbursts against the United States government, Ebrard immediately flew to Washington to knock on the doors of the White House where he presented apologies on behalf of the Mexican government.

Since President Donald Trump threatened to impose tariffs if the Mexican government did not accept the 鈥渟tay in Mexico鈥 program, the then Secretary of Foreign Affairs immediately traveled to the US capital to meet in the dark with Mike Pompeo and accept the conditions.

That it occurred to the president that it was easy to file a lawsuit to order the arms manufacturers of that country not to sell to Mexican drug traffickers, the order from the National Palace was for Ebrard to file a complaint with the US authorities against of the powerful firearms businessmen. Marcelo knew that the demand would have no effect, but he was aware that orders are orders.

That the Fast and Furious case had to be made ridiculous to blame Felipe Calder贸n for the introduction of weapons that were used by criminal groups, the head of the SRE was there to show his face.

That it was necessary to supply vaccines and bring from China the supply of medical supplies for the pandemic, Marcelo Ebrard and his closest team made the contacts and purchased the drugs and supplies to alleviate the situation.

That we had to speak at the United Nations, because the president is terrified of appearing in those settings, so Marcelo had to lead the presidential representation.

-The only thing missing was that if 鈥淐huchita鈥 was bagged, L贸pez Obrador would have sent Ebrard to solve the problem.

But now, from Wednesday to now, the former head of the government of the then Federal District, former chancellor and now former candidate for the presidential candidacy of Morena, is a plague, who is close to the president and the Morenistas, to throw him to the Bordo from Xochiaca.

Don't be overconfident because the strategy he will assume once he is officially out of Morena has not yet been defined, although it is still leaking from the basements of Morena that he will make a master move in favor of Claudia, 鈥淵es Chucha.鈥


The filmmaker and actor Eduardo Verastegui registered as an independent candidate for the presidency of the Republic, he does not have the slightest chance, but the far-right wants to make noise... If Omar Garc铆a Harfuch is Morena's candidate for Mexico City, then in the Palace Nacional are concerned about the violence in the country's capital and are looking for a police profile for the capital government. Oops, oops鈥 what a pain, the criminals will say. @HctorMoctezuma13

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