Marcelo Michel Leaño and Fernando Ortiz welcomed each other at the arrival of Chivas and América at the Akron Stadium

The expectations for the National Classic are always high and on many occasions events of maximum rivalry between the Chivas from Guadalajara and the America clubHowever, it seems that things have changed in recent days.

Upon the arrival of the Chivas and América teams at the Akron Stadium, the technicians Marcelo Michel Leano and Ferdinand Ortizthey met in the mixed zone where they gave each other a big hug and began a short and very cordial talk.

In fact, the Chivas coach was waiting for the arrival of the rival coach to welcome him to the stadium.

In the dialogue between Marcelo Michel Leano and Fernando Ortiz, both technicians greeted each other and introduced themselves, saying that they had already met. “We met many years ago, you were in preseason, at Playa Navidad, 12 or 13 years ago,” Leaño commented, to which the Águilas coach smiled, responding with a “Yes.”

After the hug, both wished each other good luck for the match that the Chivas from Guadalajara and the Eagles of America.