Marcelo Meyer, the only Mexican baseball player who claims to be present at the Major League Baseball Futures Game

Mexico was represented in the Major League Baseball Futures Game with Marcelo Meyer, one of the great prospects of the Boston Red Sox.

Meyer started at shortstop for the American League and also stood out after hitting a pitch at more than 100 miles per hour. He also stole a base to stand out in the game beyond the fact that his strength on the board did not transcend.

The Mexican hit a 100.3 mph pitch from Mick Abel for the first hit of the game before stealing second base.

The 20-year-old infielder said he was proud to represent Mexico and be the only Mexican slugger in the Major League Baseball Futures Classic.

Marcelo Meyer (in Boston Red Sox shirt and cap) was selected in the first round of the Draft in 2021 with the fourth pick of the first round. / Photo: Getty Images.

“It is a great pride for me. My family is Mexican and so am I. I'm the only mexican hereYes, I am representing Mexico. It is a great pride and I am very excited that they see me play, ”said the Boston Red Sox prospect.

Meyer was the fourth first-round pick in the 2021 Draft de Major League Baseball when he was drafted by Boston.

Born and raised in Chula Vista, California, the baseball player acknowledges that he represents his family roots and a country with an important present in baseball like Mexico.

In the Future Stars Game, the Mexican wore boots representative of Fenway Park with the scoreboard screen of the iconic stadium and also in the logo of the Nike brand included real land of Fenway Park

Arozarena represents Mexico in the Home Run Derby and in the All-Star Game

Randy Arozarena will start in the Seattle All-Star Game in what will be his first appearance in the midseason classic and He has expressed that he is proud to represent Cuba and Mexico.

“I will be in the All-Star Game. Mexico will be well represented," Arozarena told ESPN Digital.

Arozarena got the job as left fielder after being the third most voted outfielder for the All-Star Game along with Aaron Judge and Mike Trout. Although Trout and Judge will not be there due to an injury they suffered.
The list includes 11 Dominicans, eight Cubans, five Venezuelans, two Curaçao and a Puerto Rican. Although no Mexican-born slugger was included in the list for the All-Star Game.

Randy Arozarena on the All-Star Game: “I will be there representing Cuba and Mexico

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