Marcelo Ebrard's candidacy, a mystery

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By. Jose C. Serrano

Marcelo Ebrard Casaubon In the middle of last August, he began a cycle of complaints that seemed thunderous in the face of the culture of monolithic control in the hands of the president. Lopez Obradorbut perhaps they will transcend as a late gesture in the final stretch to decide the ruling party's presidential candidacy in 2024.

The battle of the former chancellor against the survey system designed by the Morena leadership in charge of Mario Delgadodeserves to be treated as a game of artifice, when the formal model of surveys is in crisis throughout the world.

Ebrard left intact the centralized scheme of the official party, based on an internal survey, supported by “mirror” studies that could not be comparable for many reasons.

It would be implausible to say that Ebrard It assumes that the weakness of the scheme lies on the purely technical, operational front. Which, out of naivety, leaves out of its claims that the Morena Electoral Council has been in the hands of a multi-member representative, Ivonne Cisneroswithout any training in the matter or any other attribute other than his subjection to the apparatus that has its summit in the president's office Lopez Obrador.

The strengths of Ebrard As one of the most mature political figures today, they were just the ones he decided not to put into play, and not only in these final hours of the process. Neither during his tenure as an official nor on the route to succession did he manage to place himself above the personality cult of López Obrador or the populist narrative in vogue.

Nor did he want to be the voice that could have moderated the excesses or promoted the reasons of State, as was the voice of Jesus Reyes Heroles facing the outbursts of Luis Echeverría Álvarez, wave of Manuel Camacho Solis -political guardian of Ebrard– in the face of extreme pragmatism Carlos Salinas de Gortari.

The political future of Marcelo Ebrard Casaubon Looking ahead to 2024, it continues to be a topic in coffee conversations. A group of deputies related to the former chancellor have announced that if he leaves Morena, they will accompany him. However, the mystery remains after the former head of Government of what was the Federal District, postponed a message scheduled for November 3.

In the announcement that the former chancellor did not issue, he would mention his decision whether or not to remain in Morena, depending on the response of the party's Honesty and Justice Commission to his challenge.

For its part, the team Marcelo Ebrard has said that the candidate for the presidential candidacy in 2024 has something prepared for next week (November 6 to 12).

Next week will be key for one main reason, On Sunday, November 12, the registration of pre-candidates for the presidency in the Citizen Movement (MC) beginsa party that has been speculated on multiple occasions that Ebrard I could arrive.

And while Marcelo He hopes that the Morena Honesty and Justice Commission responds to his challenge, Dante Delgado Rannauro He has hinted that the former chancellor could be an external candidate in the internal race of the orange party.

In this way, next week will be key for Ebrard, either to formalize his permanence in Morena or, instead, seek candidacy with MC.

Meanwhile, those close to him affirm that Marcelo He is a consistent man, with 42 years in public service and has sought for peace to be present in the country. As chancellor, he has negotiated economic benefits for Mexico and accomplished the feat of obtaining the necessary amount of vaccines to address the Covid-19 pandemic in this nation.

Citizens expect a strong response from the man who represented Mexico in important forums in various latitudes of the world.

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