Marcelo Ebrard questioned in the Senate on arms trafficking, narcotics and climate change

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Mexico.- In an exercise of collaboration between the Legislative Power and the Executive, senators and senators yesterday discussed with the Secretary of Foreign Affairs, Marcelo Ebrard, various issues related to migration, Mexico's participation in the mediation of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine , the relationship with the United States and Latin America, as well as the fight against climate change, and arms and drug trafficking.

Marcelo Ebrard appeared before the plenary session of the Senate to account for the advances in foreign policy during the last year, as part of the analysis of the IV Federal Government Report.

The president of the Committee on Foreign Relations, Senator Héctor Vasconcelos, indicated that, thanks to the legitimacy of the Mexican government, our country's foreign policy has respectability and weight. For this reason, he hoped that Mexico would achieve the regularization of the sale of high-powered weapons, not only for the good of our country, but for that of the United States.

On the Morena bench, Senator Martha Lucía Micher Camarena assured that, thanks to the efforts of the head of the SRE, our country has regained its dignity and prestige in matters of foreign policy; and despite the fact that a rupture was diagnosed, she agreed, the relationship with the United States is strengthened and is at its best moment, she maintained.

Gina Andrea Cruz Blackledge, senator for National Action, said that, as the lawsuit against arms manufacturers in the United States does not prosper, it is essential to invest in border infrastructure, since Mexico has borders where weapons pass daily in parts to be reassembled.

For the PRI, Senator Claudia Ruiz Massieu expressed that it is necessary to know what clear and measurable measures Mexico is taking to ensure a favorable position in the international system that is currently being configured.

Senator Indira Kempis Martínez stressed that, for Movimiento Ciudadano, one of the issues on Mexico's agenda at the international level is that the fight against the climate emergency be a forceful foreign policy, because the challenge is to decarbonize the planet's economy to help public health and the economy.

From the PVEM, Senator Gabriela Benavides Cobos called for the adoption of the Council of Europe Convention on preventing and combating violence against women and domestic violence, and requested to know the contribution of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as part of the Intersecretarial Commission Climate Change.

For the PT, Senator Cora Cecilia Pinedo Alonso described as assertive the agenda implemented by the SRE in the last four years, in addition to expressing the openness of the Senate to participate in the actions implemented to establish proximity with the compatriots in the United States.

Sasil de León Villard, coordinator of Social Encounter, considered that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and various federal agencies could implement actions to attract more foreign direct investment to the south-southeast region, in order to reactivate the economy and generate jobs. In addition, she questioned the actions implemented to guarantee the operation of Puerto Chiapas.

Senator Germán Martínez Cázares, from the Plural Group, asked the Secretary of Foreign Affairs to promote respect for human rights in Nicaragua and organize a meeting with those who have been imprisoned in that country for political reasons.

Miguel Ángel Mancera Espinosa, coordinator of the PRD caucus, pointed out that "despite our claims to the United States, here we continue to have truly lax, low sentences for the illegal introduction of weapons into our country."

For his part, Marcelo Ebrard Casaubón reported that the Mexican government will present a second lawsuit on arms trafficking, which will be based on the approval in the United States of a bipartisan security law, which establishes legal limits on companies that sell weapons. to avoid violating US regulations.

He indicated that if necessary they will present more complaints, in addition to the fact that the axis of the dialogue with the United States on security matters is the control of arms trafficking to Mexico. “We are never going to give up on this, because it has to do with the security and peace of our country.”

Likewise, he affirmed that the weight of Mexican foreign policy is reflected in the fact that we have the most voted Mexican resolution in the United Nations General Assembly, referring to access to vaccines, in addition, he detailed that the second most voted resolution was on the establishment of humanitarian corridors in Ukraine.

Ebrard Casaubón indicated that Mexico is preparing to go to the United Nations Conference on Climate Change, because it has the commitment to go from 29 to 35 percent of clean energy generation, "we are on the road to arrive with that commitment fulfilled. ”.

In addition, he announced that, by instruction of the President, in March 2023, Mexico will be the first country in Latin America to receive the "STS forum", an event that brings together the most important institutions and companies in the field of science and technology.

He stressed that the Council of Europe Convention on preventing and combating violence against women and domestic violence is in the consultation process, in its final phase, and that it is viewed favorably by the Foreign Ministry and by the Government of the Republic.

Marcelo Ebrard pointed out that Puerto Chiapas requires a significant investment to finish establishing itself and thereby avoid the force of the tide. He added that China gave sanitary registration to sorghum and plantain, which could be exported from said port. In addition, he pointed out that there are also investment possibilities by the European Union.

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