Marcelo becomes radicalized; Xóchitl in the spotlight 2023/09/27

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While the attacks against Xochitl Galvez grow, under the assumption that his candidacy in the Frente Amplio por México deflates, Marcelo Ebrard raises your bet against Claudia Sheinbaumdemanding the Electoral Tribunal of the Judicial Branch of the Federation to force Morena to accept the challenge to his victory.

Although the procedure against his party's Honor and Justice Commission is not new, the former chancellor had not turned to the electoral authorities to denounce the alleged violation of his political rights, which makes several people tense.

And one of the fears of the 4T is that Ebrard dares to bring his request for annulment of the triumph of Sheinbaum to the highest judicial levels, and demonstrate the alleged violations of the Electoral Law, which could even disqualify the former head of Government.

Until now, Marcelo He has not gone beyond being talkative and at the mere moment he does not dare to take the next step, but that does not stop worrying the Morenistas, because as time passes, the more fdark forces They begin to regroup around him and can be dangerous.

Some evil minds say that there is a current that wants to weaken Xochitl to be removed from the presidential candidacy of the Frente Amplio por México, so that that place remains vacant. And that this position can be negotiated to Ebrardwho would be the glue that would bring the Citizen Movement, which would force them to find an honorable solution to Galvezwho has positioned herself among civil society as a competitive candidate.

That the offer that could be made to him is that he finally take up the opposition candidacy for the Head of Government, and that together with the former chancellor they would leave Morena without any possibility of retaining power.

But before, Marcelo He would have to be kicked out of the 4T instead of resigning, since abandoning ship and being declared a traitor is not the same as being fired and remaining a victim of the ruling party.

Of course to achieve something like this you would have to do Magicsince the chances of those involved agreeing to a move as perverse as that are practically zero. Xochitl would not get off and the PAN would not leave the CDMX and, even less, the Presidency to Ebrard.

In that case we would have to wait what the PRI and the PRD say, because although the oranges have sworn that they would never ally themselves with the tricolor, perhaps through the former chancellor they would find a way to turn their words around; the yellows would have no problem.

And if Galvez did not accept the agreement, they could enter the strike in the capital Enrique de la Madrid either Solomon Chertorivskyleaving the PAN alone.

Of course it doesn't stop being political-fictionas I said Carlos Salinasbut surely some perverted politician has already thought about it, and it is better to have it there, as a last and desperate resort, in case it offers itself.

While his main rival for the capital candidacy has to register online and remains unable to attend the places, Clara Brugada She will show muscle today at the Monument to the Revolution, where she will give the starting cry to become the coordinator of the 4T Defense Committees in Mexico City; that is, virtual Morenoist candidate. And although the squares do not give votes, they do generate perceptionespecially during an internal process, where the Morenoist militancy can be left with the idea that clear It is the one that brings the poweralthough it is not necessarily true.

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