Marc Anthony: Long live the salsa king!

Marc Anthony: Long live the salsa king!
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When the sound of bongos and trumpets take over the place, there is only one person who can appear on the scene: Marc Anthony.

The Puerto Rican returned yesterday to CDMX to bring his Living Tour to the Palacio de los Deportes, with which, in effect, he filled the venue with life packed with thousands of fans who were eagerly awaiting his arrival, since it has long been known that as one of the kings of salsa, an evening with Marc It is synonymous with wholesale dancing and singing.

The show, scheduled to start at 9:00 p.m., was delayed a few minutes, which caused some attendees to start whistling, desperate to get the party started.

But once his musicians appeared on stage to offer a medley of some of his hits, in instrumental, he gave way to the singer, who appeared in the middle of the stage and with fireworks behind him, the explosion extended to his audience, who He immediately stood up and burst into shouts to greet his king.

The 55-year-old performer wore a dark suit with an open black shirt and glasses of the same tone, but his greatest attraction was his dance steps with which he instantly drove his fans, men and women, crazy, who were equally excited. seeing him move his hips, smile at them and blow them kisses. And like a good conqueror, in two songs he had already thrown his audience into the bag.

His interpretations of themes such as I'm going for it, It was worth it and There was someoneso that his audience gave themselves completely, responding hypnotized to his rhythm and singing, this last single being chanted by everyone.

The little dad brought with him an explosive energy that infected his live orchestra and his fans alike, having fun to give love on both sides of the venue, on one side, playing and dancing with his musicians and, on the other, walking the long stage , trying to get as close as possible to his audience, who jumped excitedly to reach him.

For his show, the showman armed himself with multiple platforms from which he placed his musicians and through which he walked, in addition to a giant screen behind that he dressed with colorful projections appropriate to the festive atmosphere that had already made people dance and even sweat. to the vast majority of attendees.

Until yesterday, pale flower and Flying in your arms they followed. Themes full of melancholy and romance, much calmer and that were used to sing along. A pause to the lack of control, but not to the waste of love that fans and artist shared, as they were sung at the top of their lungs alongside the heartthrob, who admitted that the second aforementioned piece was one of his favorites of his career.

Good night! That's lovely! Thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to share this evening with you, it is an honor. Wow! "I'm capturing the moment, I feel at home... Long live Mexico!" expressed Marc, grateful for the warm reception.

His powerful voice, his electrifying dance steps and jumps all over the stage and his dramatic performances increased the madness and joy of his fans, who did not sit down again and began to order more and more drinks, because between his lyrics and the party There were plenty of reasons to toast.

For the next set, baptized as the moment of mixing ballads, the performer appeared sitting on the stairs and it was time to let himself be carried away through his lyrics and songs.

Hug me very tight, Pillow and How is he They were the songs chosen, from their album icons, tribute to José José and Juan Gabriel, among others.

Hits like What price does heaven have? and until i met you of Juanga They continued to light the spirits of their evening, the last one dedicated to someone who has already shared has been one of their great teachers in life and profession.

We would not have been here without the inspiration of this brother. “He composed this song and I sing it in the name of my beloved Mexico and it is from my beloved Juan Gabriel,” he said moved, being applauded by the entire venue.

At the close of this edition, hymns such as Your love makes me good and live my lifebut he was very well accompanied by Nadia Ferreira, his wife, who was very involved with the show from the front row.

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