Mapuche leader Jaime Huenchullán arrested in Chile | News

The Investigative Police (PDI) of Angol, a commune city in southern Chile and Malleco province in Araucanía, confirmed on Tuesday the arrest of Jaime Huenchullán, a werkén of the Mapuche Temucuicui community for an alleged crime of violent usurpation.


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The arrest of the Mapuche leader caused outrage in social movements and groups that condemned the arrest of Huenchullán, detained while visiting inmates from his community at the Penitentiary Compliance Center.

Members of the Lower Malleco communities denounce that the inmates have been deprived of certain benefits of a religious and cultural nature, which has generated mobilizations by the Mapuche peoples of the area.

The organized communities made a call to all the territories in resistance to be alert to face all forms of authority.

They condemned the implementation of a massive operation by the regional authorities to take advantage of the peaceful visit to the prison with the intention of arresting the Mapuche leader.

The arrest warrant was pending another process and the sub-prefect of Angul, Óscar Sánchez, detailed the event and said that it would be brought before a competent court, in this case, the Guarantee of Victory.

“In the afternoon of today, personnel from the Angol PDI managed to arrest the accused Jaime Huenchullán Cayul, who registered a pending arrest warrant for the crime of violent usurpation issued from the Victoria court,” he said.

Jaime is the brother of Jorge Huenchullán, who was declared in hiding when he was absent from a scheduled hearing against him.

Local media reported that in the operation, the PDI tried to arrest the lonko Víctor Queipul, who managed to be rescued by a group of community members who accompanied him, thus frustrating the arrest.