Manuel Turizo gets angry with fans and leaves concert | Video

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Manuel Turizo lost control during one of his concerts and he ended up upset with his American fans, who he threatened to get off the stage if they didn't put away their cell phones. He moment was recorded by one of the attendees and is already viral on social networks.

Through social networks, a video began to go viral in which you can see Manuel Turizo notoriously upset with his fans, the reason? The Colombian singer asked them to put away their cell phones and enjoy the concert, but apparently not many paid attention.

During the concert that took place in New Jersey, United States, You can see how Turizo addresses his audience and asks them to put away their devices.After seeing that they are not paying attention, he begins to threaten them with getting off the stage.

"Put away those cell phones and enjoy the music. Let everyone put away their cell phones," he began by saying. the interpreter of The bachata either empty cupwho already sounded upset.

The singer insisted to his audience that they enjoy the music instead of recording his presentation: "Save, save, save, if not, they won't save it, we won't sing a damn thing and I'll be out of here."

They criticize Manuel Turizo for abandoning the concert

After seeing that no one obeyed, Turizo decided to leave the stage abroad and not continue with his concertthis action has cost him a lot of criticism, since the singer's fans claim that they paid for a show and he did not offer it in full.

  • "And they give the tickets for free? Everyone who pays can do what they want and have a souvenir for what they pay"
  • "Manuel Turizo very rude friend"
  • "That comes from idolizing those artists. Shouldn't he give a show? Lack of professionalism"
  • "The truth is, artists don't have a career, because if you call it a professional career, singing with autotune is not talent," are some of the reactions to the video.


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