Manuel Martínez, Spanish clarinetist, revived Márquez's "Concerto for Clarinet and Orchestra"

Manuel Martínez, Spanish clarinetist, revived Márquez's "Concerto for Clarinet and
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In the Manuel M. Ponce Room of the Palace of Fine Arts, the Spanish clarinetist Manuel Martínez, revived the “Concerto for Clarinet and String Orchestra”a concert attended by the composer of the work, the Mexican, Arturo Marquezwho congratulated the clarinetist for his “exceptional execution.”

Martínez also performed the piece “Let's by Happy” by G.Feidman and two pieces by the American, George Gershwinwhich provoked a standing ovation from the audience at the concert he presented last Thursday.

He “Concerto for Clarinet and String Orchestra” premiered in 2013, but it had not been performed again in all this time, so Marquez he thanked Martinez that the concert “was born again.”

Martinez presented the same concert this Sunday in the Silvestre Revueltas room of the National Conservatory of Music and the Wednesday Last year, he offered a Clarinet Master Class, in which he taught students the technique required to interpret works of Aaron CoplandCarl Maria von Weber, Igor Stravinsky and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Martinez, comes from a family of clarinetists, since his father and grandfather were outstanding exponents of this instrument. He was born in Valencia and he learned clarinet since he was little.

Martínez is clarinet soloist of the Barcelona Municipal Band and member of Barcelona Clarinet Players. He is currently carrying out an international tour that began in the United States at the Murchinson Performing Arts Center where he held the World Premiere of the piece written for him, “Capriccio”of Jack Stamp, concerto for clarinet and symphonic band with the University of North Texas, Wind Ensemble, under the direction of Amy Woody. Mexico is the second country where he performs and will continue his tour in Colombia.


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