Manelyk González threatens Tania Rincón on a live program; this is what she told him

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Manelyk González, the popular influencer and participant of 'Las Estrellas Bailan en Hoy 2023', surprised the audience and left the host Tania Rincón stunned during a unexpected appearance on the 'Hoy' program. His intervention in the morning program not only generated expectation but also sparked speculation about his possible incorporation into the cast of the program.

The surprise of Manelyk González occurred during the second day of competition The Stars Dance Today 2023when three couples made his debut on the dance floor with the intention of being crowned the big winners of the contest. Among these couples was Dania Méndez and Marco León, who received unexpected support from Manelyk González, highlighted by her charisma and popularity on social networks.

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Manelyk González took the opportunity to show his support for his friends Dania Méndez and Marco León in their participation in the contest. However, the surprise came when, in the middle of the live program, Tania Rincón, 36 years old and host of the program, asked him about the possibility of his return to 'Las Estrellas Bailan en Hoy'.

Manelyk González's response took everyone in the studio by surprise. The influencer did not rule out the idea of ​​returning to the program, but she made it clear that she was not as a contestant, but as a possible replacement for Tania Rincón on the 'Hoy' program. With a smile on her face, Manelyk said to Tania, "I could never, like you, replace you here, maybe."

Manelyk González's unusual response generated laughter and comments on the set, evidencing Tania Rincón's surprise and the audience's curiosity about what the future could hold in terms of her relationship with the program 'Hoy'. The phrase "Someone wants to saw me" by Tania Rincón left an atmosphere of complicity and mystery in the air.

The question that immediately arose among viewers was whether Manelyk González, with his growing popularity and charisma, could be considering a future on television as part of the cast of 'Hoy'. However, so far, no additional details have been provided about whether this unexpected appearance will lead to a more stable role on the show.

Manelyk González's support for Dania Méndez and Marco León in 'Las Estrellas Bailan en Hoy 2023' has been notable, and his surprise intervention on the morning program has only increased attention on his participation in the dance competition and his possible future projects on Mexican television.

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