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The English club Manchester City defeated Italian Inter Milan 1-0 this Saturday in the Turkish city of Istanbul and won the 2022-2023 European Football Champions League.


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In front of the more than 70,000 spectators that filled the Atatürk Olympic stadium, City touched the sky thanks to a goal by Spanish midfielder Rodri at minute 68, through a powerful shot with the right foot from the center of the area.

It was the only goal in a match that provided the fans with moments of good play in which either of the two squads could have violated the rival goal, such as the arrivals in the area during the first half, by City, from the Norwegian Erling Haaland and the Belgian Kevin de Bruyne.

According to specialized media, the Italians built a defensive wall and applied a strong mark throughout the match, and their fans were excited about plays like those executed by the Argentine star Lautaro Martínez and the Belgian striker Romeru Lukaku, which did not end in a goal. thanks to the defense of the Brazilian goalkeeper Ederson (Moraes).

Among the sad notes of the clash is De Bruyne's injury in the 35th minute, after a challenge from Turkish midfield Hakan Calhanoglu, at which point manager Pep Guardiola took the risk and replaced him with British midfielder Phil Foden.

As a curious fact for the annals of City, it was the second "Champions" final from which De Bruyne has to retire before the final whistle: it also happened in 2021, against the English club Chelsea, when after half an hour he he fractured his cheekbone after a collision with German defender Antonio Rudiger.

This is the first Orejona in the history of Manchester City and the third for its coach, Guardiola, who previously won two with the Catalan FC Barcelona (2009 and 2011).

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