Manchester City and Haaland secure their place in the Champions League round of 16

Manchester City and Haaland secure their place in the Champions
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Too powerful, driven by the Erling Haaland phenomenonthe current European champion, Manchester City qualified for the round of 16 of the Champions League for the 11th consecutive season, with two games to play, by defeating Young Boys Bern 3-0already removed.

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At home, The 'Citizens' tuned the machine, led by Haalandwho was a doubt after suffering a sprained ankle on Saturday in the Premier.

He Young Boys went into the break with two goals againstno shot compared to eight from his rival, but with the shirt of the Norwegian giant, which captain Mohamed Camara had requestedIn view of all.

He City strikersecond in the 2023 Ballon d'Or behind Lionel Messi, did not suffer, multiplying the runs, opening spaces and as always, finding the goal.

His first goal it was not the most complicateda perfectly executed penalty (23). He second yes it was a great goal: driving at full speed and missile from outside the area (51).

At 23 years old The Norwegian continues to inflate his spectacular statistics in the great European competition, which he won in June for the first time, like his club. Addition 39 goals in 34 games16 in 15 with the 'Citizens'.

Guardiola He retired his striker at the hour mark, reserving him for the trip to Chelsea's fieldon Sunday at Premier Leagueoffering minutes to his substitute Oscar Bobb20 years old.

The technician could afford that luxury because the score was 3-0, with a third goal from Phil Foden (45+1), before a rival who played with ten almost the entire second half after the expulsion of Sandro Lauper (53).

The current Swiss champions were content to defend in the best possible waywithout any offensive initiative, making it a miracle to return to Bern with only three goals in the bag.

Already qualified for the round of 16, which will be played in February, City has two games to seek first place in Group Gstarting with a small final against Leipzigalso classified this Tuesday, November 28 at home.


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