Man who was going to be finished off died after struggling with a police officer in Culiacán

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He man than an armed group tried to finish off inside a private clinic, she was the one who died when she was transferred to the Culiacán General Hospital and struggled with a police officer, confirmed the Sinaloa Public Security Secretariat.

The head of this unit, Gerardo Mérida Sánchez, explained that that person had a gunshot wound to the head, and the doctors determined that he be transferred to the intensive care area, but in an attempt to escape, he tried to take the firearm from a State Police agent, and was thus shot in the abdomen.

"When he was taken to the hospital, the State Police came down to accompany him, seeing that he was wounded by a gunshot, they accompanied him and our element was armed, he had his weapon at hand, it is understood, until the police officer said, that they struggled with that weaponry. It was also said that he had been disarmed, in the means of handling, it was not like that, they struggled with the weapons and the weapon was activated, who activated it? The authorities will have to determine it, it is understood that it was the element,” he explained.

Regarding said person, he said he did not know when and where he was wounded by a gunshot and at what moment he arrived at the Culiacán Hospital Clinic, and above all, because apparently there were armed people inside or guarding him, but it has been said that he was attacked with gunshots on Saturday the 23rd. September in the mountain area of ​​the municipality of Badiraguato.

Mérida Sánchez assured that the Clinics and hospitals must inform the authorities when a person is admitted for a violent incidentbut so far they have not found information about the entry of that person, and complaints of armed people inside, so they could not act before the events.

Woman injured by gunshot is stable at the Culiacán Red Cross

Authorities also confirmed that the 54-year-old woman, who was admitted to the Red Cross facility with a gunshot wound, was inside the clinic during the confrontation, apparently visiting a patient.

Due to the death of doctor Otniel Montoya, the Sinaloan Society of Emergency Medicine Specialists regretted the loss and demanded justice from the authorities, expressing concern about the insecurity faced by the medical community in the entity.

In the clinic, the doctor and two armed civilians were murdered, one more lost his life when struggling with the authorities when he was transferred to another hospital, and a woman was injured and taken to the Red Cross, where she is reported to be out of danger.

However, in a video From inside the clinic, broadcast on social networks, one can observe during the confrontation, how some doctors try to protect themselves, and other armed civilians escaping from the place.

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