Man stabs and kills his father in Frederick

Sheriffs from the Frederick, Maryland, sheriff’s office shot and killed a gunman early Tuesday morning in that city after he stabbed his parents, killing his father and stabbing his mother.

Deputies went to a residence in the 5800 block of Haller Place at 2:12 am after the suspect’s sister reported the attack on her parents, Sheriff Chuck Jenkins told reporters.

He said officers found the mother stabbed inside the home and the father, also stabbed, outside near the home.

“Basically she (the sister) informed us that there was a stabbing and that her brother was attacking her parents,” Jenkins explained.

The Independent Investigations division of the Maryland Attorney General’s Office, which is responsible for investigating all deaths at the hands of law enforcement officers in the state, reported that while several sheriffs sought to protect and care for victims, others they ordered the suspect to “drop the knife.”

However, according to the prosecution’s version, the suspect moved quickly towards the officers before they deployed their Taser, so three officers fired their weapons at the attacker, who died shortly after at the scene. “Shots! Shots!” the officers said in traffic from the scanner.

The events leading up to the shooting remained unclear. Jenkins said the shooter was an adult male, but did not disclose his age.

Meanwhile, the seriously injured father was transported to an area hospital, where he died shortly after. The mother was airlifted to a clinic in Baltimore, where she is stable, according to the medical report.

The sheriff described the crime scene as “a pretty horrendous situation” on both floors inside the house and outside. The suspect’s sister was uninjured.

The Independent Investigations division of the prosecutor’s office reviews the case involving three bailiffs, starting with the agents’ body cameras, which captured part of the shooting. Those images are usually posted within two weeks.

The report on the investigation will be delivered to the state attorney general’s office in Frederick County, which will make the decision whether or not to file charges for the shooting, as is usual in these cases.