Man shot his girlfriend’s ex, also shot the mother and her brothers; occurred in the delivery of a minor at a Houston residence

Houston Police investigate.

Photo: Houston Police / Courtesy

HOUSTON – What should have been a peaceful delivery of a minor to his mother ended in a shooting that endangered the lives of three people in the north of the city.

The incident occurred during the delivery of a child between a separated couple. The exchange was affected by an apparent altercation on Wednesday and the night turned into a violent scene.

When the new partner of one of them got upset during the delivery, he ended up shooting three people.

According to the Police Department, a woman arrived at her ex’s house with her new boyfriend in order to pick up her son and during the appointment an argument broke out among those present.

Between the ex-boyfriend of the child’s mother and her new boyfriend, an argument broke out that escalated to the point that the woman’s new boyfriend pulled out a gun and fired several shots.

His ex-boyfriend, his mother and his brother were shot in the legs.

After this, both the woman and the child and her new boyfriend left the scene.

At this time, the man is wanted by the authorities.