Man shoots to death a traffic police officer in Texas in the middle of the street

Suddenly, Charles Galloway's life ended dramatically, doing his job, after he was shot and killed by a driver during a traffic stopafter which he returned to the car and fled, authorities reported.

The city of Houston was the scene of this fatal incident with a firearm, which was witnessed by several people, who saw how The individual got out of the car and shot the officer several times before fleeing.

The incident happened in the 9100 block of Beechnut Street, southwest of Houston.. Galloway ordered a vehicle to stop and the driver got out armed, firing at the police patrol. The officer received multiple injuries and died at the scene, authorities said.

The suspect was described by authorities as a young Hispanic man, driving a new model Toyota Avalon. The Houston Police will be the agency that conducts said investigation..

According to police chief Troy Finner at a press conference, the fallen police officer was identified as Charles Galloway, 47, with 12 years of service.

Police departments from different cities joined the agent's condolences by expressing their pain through their social networks.

"Our thoughts and prayers are with the family of Corporal Charles Galloway... Corporal Galloway was shot and killed in the line of duty this morning in southwest Houston," the Dallas Police Department said.

Police official Ted Heap added that Galloway had no time to respond or defend himself. Addressing the fugitive, Finner declared: "The best thing you can do is turn yourself in."

Meanwhile, Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner issued a statement on the officer's death: "The City of Houston extends our condolences and prayers to the family of Charles Galloway and the men and women of the Precinct 5 Sheriff's Office." Harris County."

“Galloway served with honor and distinction, and his life was taken while he served to keep the rest of us safe. Thanks for your service".

“The person(s) responsible for taking Galloway's life will be found and brought to justice. It's just a matter of time. There is no place where you can hide. If anyone has information about the person(s) who committed this senseless act of violence, please provide it to law enforcement,” he stated.

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