Man savagely fights a kangaroo and saves his dog from drowning

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In Australia, A man was forced to confront a kangaroo that had kidnapped his dog and everything was recorded on video.

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The wild fight took place between the kangaroo and Mildura resident Mick Moloney, who had no choice but to hit the animal when he saw his dog in dangerHowever, the marsupial did not remain calm and hit him back.

Everything was recorded on a camera that the man was wearing.which fell into the water, however, The lomito managed to survive in the midst of the dangerous situation.

In an interview with ABC Radio Melbourne, Mick said he was stretching near the river over the weekend when he realized his puppy, Hatchi, was nowhere to be found.

However, he soon found the answer: first he noticed the kangaroo staring at him in the river and then His pet came out of the water, squealing as water gushed from his mouth.

Mick claims the kangaroo had caught his little dog Hatchi was holding on to his head and that he knew he had to go save it, although he admitted that the kangaroo seemed "drunk."

"I was like 'this thing just got out of jail' or something."

Furthermore, he said that the animal was quite strongbut he slapped him on the head and they got into a wild fight in the water.

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Mick admitted it looked like he was going to kick him too, but he splashed water in his face as he ran towards the shore, where his dog was safe.

The young man also said that he is a mixed martial arts and Brazilian jiu-jitsu instructor.which was undoubtedly a great help in defeating the powerful animal.

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