Man meets woman on Facebook; she ends up stealing his car

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It's already common establish a romantic relationship through social networks, and for some, it has been the way to find the love of their life. However, not all encounters are positivesome people have fallen into scams and thefts.

Through the @los_mejores_videos account on TikTok, an interview was published where a man shares the unfortunate experience he had when meeting a girl through Facebook.

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He reported that He was talking to the woman for a little over a month, with whom he finally managed to go on a date after she repeatedly refused.

The man shares that they stayed to see each other in a certain placebut in the middle of the night, the woman, accompanied by her friends and her sister, took advantage of the fact that she went to the bathroom to steal her vehicle.

The victim explains that they went to a restaurant where the woman identified as Claudia “N” He suggested that she go to the bathroom, while she and her companions waited in the long line to enter the premises.

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When he came back from the bathroom He realized that the women had left the placetaking all his belongings with him.

The video ends when the man is in the parking lot of a store talking to two police officers.

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