Man married his own daughter to prevent her brothers from having sex with her

With the passage of time after they met again they began with a "sexual adventure".

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A curious as well as unusual fact tells of a man who married his own daughter. The 42-year-old subject admitted having sex Samantha Kersher21 years old.

The incestuous relationship occurred in Adams County, Nebraska in 2018, but it was not until a few days ago when the man was released from prison once he had completed the sentence he received, which for the woman was 22 days.

The recently released Fieldgrove said he wishes he had gone to prison "a long time ago" in a post in which he said he felt "grateful." And he finished: "I dug and dug for days while I was locked up and it changed my life and my life now is amazing."

It is known that both met when she was 17 years old, since her mother took him away from the man who gave her life from birth. However, with the passage of time after they met again started with a "sexual affair"the mother pointed out.

This case relates to the two involved in an intimate relationship that began in September 2018 in Grand Island, Nebraska, despite evidence that Fieldgrove is the paternal father.”

“The evidence leading to the arrest suggests that Fieldgrove and Kershner were aware of the biological relationship before they were intimate, and also indicates that they married quickly after being notified of the investigation”, added a police spokesman on the first version of the man denying his paternity; however, a test confirmed that he was Kersher's father.

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