Man lives nightmare at the dentist, sucks an inch drill bit and it embeds in his lung

The drill bit was in the man's lung for four days, after doctors failed to remove it on their first try.

Photo: OLIVIER DOULIERY/Getty Images

For some people, visiting the dentist can be an uncomfortable time, however, for Tom Jozsi turned out to be a horror story after he inhaled a one-inch dental drill during the procedure.

What started as a routine dental visit brought an Illinois man to a Kenosha hospital, where he was performed an unusual medical procedure to remove the sharp metal object lodged in the lung.

Unusually, CT scan showed an inch-long dental drill bit, leaving the question of how it got thereso Jozsi himself tried to explain it.

"Well I do not know. I was at the dentist getting a tooth filled, and the next thing I knew, they told me I swallowed this tool… I didn't really even feel it go down. All I felt was cough. When they did the CT scan they realized you didn't swallow it. You inhaled it."

Doctors believe that inhaling just before coughing sent the metal object deep into the airways. of the 60-year-old maintenance worker.

Because the object was so low in the right lower lobe of the lung, doctors were unable to remove it on the first try. On a second occasion, using a catheter, they managed to reach the perforation piece and remove it without harming the patient.

“I was never happier than when I opened my eyes and saw him with a smile under that mask shaking a little plastic container with the tool,” Jozsi said.

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