Man kept his wife and two children imprisoned in his house for 17 years!


The people were hospitalized with a picture of “severe dehydration and malnutrition.”

Photo: Anastasia Vlasova/Getty Images

For 17 years, a woman and her two children were locked in their own house in Brazil.

the police of Rio de Janeiro She was in charge of rescuing the female and the two young men who were deprived of their liberty by the man who is presumed to be their father and husband.

“The young people, who would be children of the woman and the suspect of keeping them in captivitythey were tied up, dirty and malnourished,” the Rio Military Police said in a statement.

the place where they were kidnapped family members is a residence located in the Guaratiba neighborhood, west of Rio.

Information from local media indicated that people were hospitalized with a picture of “dehydration and severe malnutrition.”

When questioned about what she lived through for almost two decades, the woman revealed that sometimes her husband did not feed them for up to three days. “You have to stay with me until the end, you will only get out of here dead”, the victim told the authorities.

The images of the physical state of the adolescents caused indignation, so much so that a neighbor expressed what her eyes saw: “We saw the state in which the two children came out and I think they would not have survived another week. I talked to her (her mother) in the ambulance (after being rescued). She couldn’t speak or express herself because of weakness.”

Other inhabitants pointed out that the kidnapper was nicknamed DJ because he played music at full volume at all times, which in the end was so that the screams of his family would not be heard.

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