Man found dead in Maryland with more than 100 snakes in the house

Photo: Dr. Georg Wietschorke / Pixabay

A man was found dead in his Maryland home Wednesday night, surrounded by more than 100 snakes, and some of them were poisonous, investigators said Thursday.

The Charles County Sheriff’s Department said authorities responded to the home in Pomfret after receiving a call from a neighbor who said he went to check on the resident and found him unresponsive on the floor. Emergency medical services personnel found a 49-year-old man dead on the floor, authorities said.

A medical examiner will determine the cause of his death. Authorities said the man, whom authorities have not identified, apparently lived alone and his neighbors were unaware that he kept snakes in his home.

Also inside the house, more than 100 “venomous and non-venomous snakes of different varieties were discovered in tanks located on shelves”authorities said. Venomous snakes are illegal in Maryland.

Jennifer Harris, A spokesman for Charles County Animal Control told WRC-TV that varieties of reptiles included pythons, rattlesnakes, cobras and black mambas.

Animal control officials responded to the home and began examining the huge collection of snakes, Harris said. “Our director of animal control said that in his 30-plus years of experience, he hasn’t come across anything like this before.”

Charles County animal control officials were able to isolate the nonvenomous snakes. They brought in experts from North Carolina and Virginia to handle the poisonous snakes. A team spent hours Thursday working to get the snakes out of the house.

The snakes appeared to have been meticulously cared for, the county spokeswoman said. Officials believe all the snakes are accounted for.

“They were all very well insured. They were locked up. I didn’t keep a lot of furniture inside the house, so there was no place in case a snake, for example, escaped, where it could hide or harm someone,” Harris said.

The functionaries they do not believe that snakes pose a risk to the public.

If any escaped, it is not believed that they would be able to survive in the cold climate of the area. If anyone in the area sees a snake, they are asked to call the Sheriff’s office.

Charles County Sheriff’s detectives are conducting an investigation into the man’s death and the Baltimore Office of the Chief Medical Examiner will conduct an autopsy, the sheriff’s department said.

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