Man dreams that he wins the lottery and when he wakes up he finds out that he won a millionaire prize

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Winning the lottery is the dream of thousands of people who assume that once they win the jackpot, their lives would take a drastic turn that would allow them to live without worries, surrounded by comforts and completely forgetting about work.

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And although these types of fantasies occur when people are awake, in Levallois-Perret, France, A couple experienced a strange event after the man had a kind of premonitory dream that warned that something very good was about to happen..

It is still unknown if it was mere coincidence, attraction, fortune, and even a paranormal event, the point is that This man, who preferred to keep his identity a secret, went to sleep like every night, however he dreamed that he won the lottery.

The next day and when he woke up, his surprise was enormous when he found out that he had become a millionaire overnight. thanks to a dream that seemed to anticipate his destiny.

“My subconscious sent me a message. In my dream, I won 120 million euros, and it was not far from the real result," he told the local press.

And not only that, but the prize was bigger, 130 million euros, sothis unexpected twist of fate will allow them both to retire early and fulfill their dreams of travelingwhich they had cherished for a long time.

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“We have gone through difficult years, but this is a page that is turning, and we are being given a second life,” they expressed enthusiastically.

The couple intends to help their loved ones and support causes they consider important, In addition to enjoying the prize in travel and pleasure, however, they are cautious about it and are about to claim their millionaire prize.

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