Man declares himself anti-vaccination in Canada and loses the right to visit his son

It would be the first ruling in Canada that deprives a parent of their immunization-related access rights.

Photo: Alberto Valdes / EFE

A Canadian man shared his stance against vaccines on social media, so a judge in the province of Quebec ruled that she lost the right to visit her 12-year-old son.

This would be the first sentence that deprives a parent of their access rights related to immunization against COVID, Therefore, media such as the newspaper Le Devoir publicized the event.

The decision was issued on December 23 and suspends the father's visitation rights until February, unless he is vaccinated.

As it turned out, it is a separate couple, where the child's mother has custody and the father has visitation rights, including alternate weekends and a week during the holiday season.

But nevertheless, It all arose when the father presented a request to the court in mid-December, to obtain the modification of his visitation rights, as well as one more day with his son during the holiday season.

In response, the mother requested the suspension of his access rights after learning that he was not vaccinated against COVID-19, in addition to pointing out a "conspirator" and an "anti-vaccine".

Given the context, the court specified that, "It would not be in the best interest of the child to have contact with his father if he is not vaccinated and is opposed to the security measures in the current epidemiological context."

Currently, more than 90 percent of adults in Quebec are vaccinated against COVID-19, however, it has seen a sharp increase in cases and hospitalizations in recent weeks.

To curb the spread of omicron, Quebec announced on December 30 the return of some restrictions, including a curfew and a ban on private gatherings.

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