Man creates phoenix kite with a drone; flies over the skies of China

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Remote controlled drones have meant a real revolution in many areas. They can be used as mobile cameras, to transport merchandise and there are even those for war use. This week a man in China went viral for having turned a drone into a fantastic comet in the shape of a phoenix.

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The videos of the man and his amazing creation that circulate on social networks have scores of views. In them you can see how the man carries the comet and throws it into the air to gain momentum. After those first moments, the phoenix flies at will, controlled remotely with the control of the drone that it carries in its belly.

@chinarmony Phoenix controlled by a drone in China. #chinatravel #china #fyp #dronevideo Now We Are Free - Gregorian

The legendary bird - iconic in the culture of China and Japan for dying in flames and being reborn from the ashes - flies over mountains, cities and even seas. In eastern tradition this imaginary animal represents renewal; Also, it is said, that seeing it brings good fortune.

The citizens of China and tourists observe the comet in amazement, since its resemblance to the mythical bird is enormous and from a distance the artifact appears authentically covered in flames. Its creator achieved this by integrating a series of LED lights that run around the contour of the machine. In addition, on some occasions it has added fireworks that shoot out from its wings. #Viral | A phoenix flies in the sky... It looks so real! A man made a kite controlled by a drone and flew it in the sky in Shangqiu #China #contágiate24siete original sound - Contágiate 24Siete

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Social media users have also been amazed by the drone's resemblance to the original bird of myth, by its grace when flying and the light show that it offers even from a distance.

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