Man caught touching intimate parts of a girl is captured thanks to the video

Man caught touching intimate parts of a girl is captured
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These days a video was seen in Ecuador that showed a man abusing a girl in a commercial store and which went unpunished.

In the video you can see how the subject arrives at a store where only the saleswoman and a girl of around 10 years old are there. The man apparently buys something, but while he waits he slowly approaches the girl, who is standing to the side.

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Not caring that the saleswoman is in front of him, the man extends his hand and touches the girl's crotch from behind.

Immediately, the girl takes a step away, but the individual touches her again, this time from the front. lThe young man takes several steps away this time after which the man leaves the place.

Captured on video

According to the authorities, The girl would have returned home crying because of the sexual assault. Her family immediately went to the store, where they were able to obtain the video that captured the exact moment in which the young woman was abused. With the recording in her hands, the family filed a complaint with the police.

Although it took several days, the abuser was captured and is now answerable to the police authorities of Ecuador.

The Internet users have been outraged by the lack of security in Ecuadoras well as the impunity with which sexual abusers act.

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Let justice be done and this pedophile criminal be tried and imprisoned. The girl will need a psychiatrist to improve... Poor thing,” wrote one user.

Another commented:

With so much insecurity, sending a girl or boy alone anywhere can become a real is not what it should be, they should be able to go out without further risk, but there is too much perversion on the street."

The Ecuadorian police has not released further details of the case.

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