Man becomes a celebrity in Philly after eating 40 rotisserie chickens

Tominsky managed to gather a hundred people on the fortieth day to see him eat the last chicken

Photo: Alexandra Beier/ / Getty Images

In the age of social networks, many people can become recognized even by carrying out actions that would seem to be of little importance, such is the case of a man who became a celebrity to eat chickens roasted, in Philadelphia, United States

Alexander Tominsky, 31, has become a local celebrity after eating a whole roast chicken every day for 40 days in less than 20 minutes, and on the last day a crowd gathered around him chanting “Eat that bird” as he ate the last one.

Tominsky managed to gather a hundred people on the fortieth day to see him eat the last chicken live and direct, in addition to another 30,000 people live through Twitter.

Curiously, the challenge did not arise by a bet lost, or for any financial gain, was, in Alexander's words, to do something that causes him pain to make others smile.

Alexander told local media that even for him "it sounds weird", but that "he felt he was doing it for a very important reason". Originally I had planned to do only 30 daysbut added another 10 when he felt he hadn't gone far enough.

Alexander had documented his journey with daily selfies on twitter and had put up signs inviting the masses to witness what would be his last chicken feast on the abandoned pier next to one of the city's Walmart stores.

He doesn't want any more chicken

Once the challenge is complete, Alexander, who has been nicknamed 'the philadelphia chicken man' said he needs impĂ­o to repair, because in the process lost about 7 kg of weight.

In addition, the 31-year-old says that he has completely lost his taste for that food and that he can hardly bear to think of chickens.

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