Man arrested for pushing woman off train in California


The victim was arguing with the man when he threw her.

Photo: Michael Gaida / Pixabay

On April 14, a woman was fatally hit by a train in the city of Riverside, after a man pushed her exactly as she was passing. The suspect was detained by police and is in custody.

The fatal accident occurred when Kevin Errol Lewis and the woman, they were arguing when they began to struggle until he pushed her towards the train tracks just as the tram was passing, killing the victim.

The woman, whose identity was not released by Riverside police, was declared dead at the scene.

Kevin Errol Lewis is jailed without bail on charges of murder and domestic violence. The man also has several pending charges including robbery and narcotics.

According to court records, Lewis has to appear on April 25 and so far it has not been specified if he has a defense attorney.

Riverside police said that if anyone has additional information on this case, please provide it to continue the investigation.

This fatal accident is similar to the one that happened in New York in Time Square, when a man threw a woman onto the train tracks and died instantly.

The defendant was arrested with the same charges and is being held. He is scheduled to return to court to appear on April 19.

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